A blog post on World Suicide Prevention Day

Sept. 10, 2020, 7 a.m.

**TRIGGER WARNING - This post may contain content that readers find upsetting, but the issues we discuss in this are important.**

Today, Thursday, 10th September, marks the annual World Suicide Prevention Day. A day which, as a men's mental health group, we are keen to promote and give awareness to.

And whilst helping those of our bros who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or any mental health worries or struggles they may be experiencing is our priority the whole year around, unfortunately a day of awareness to try and tackle this problem head on is still much needed.

New ONS data released last week shows that male suicide rates in the last year alone are at a two decade high. 16.9 percent of deaths per 100,000 men were confirmed as suicide as the cause of death in the last year.

Survey results released this week, by the leading men’s health charity Movember UK, found that around one in five (22%) of respondents felt their mental health had worsened since the beginning of COVID-19, with a third admitting they felt lonely more often than before the pandemic.

Recent events have undoubtedly exacerbated these shocking statistics. But the story grows increasingly worrying as we shine a light on how this is affecting men. Men like Jeffrey O'Brien, who took his own life last month aged 75, jumping from the bridge at Marks Tey over a busy A12 motorway.

We want to make it so that every man that comes to us, for brotherhood, for trust, for support and understanding, doesn't feel like they have nowhere to turn or has no one who is concerned for them or cares. Because we care. Mental health matters to us. It matters to us that more men stop becoming part of these sad statistics.

This World Suicide Prevention Day, we want to reach out to any bro of ours - because we consider all our supporters bros - to let you know that you are needed and you are not alone. We are here for you whenever you need us.