#BrainTraining: Our New Instagram Live series

March 23, 2021, 6 p.m.

Evening all, James here - hope you're all keeping well.

I wanted to pop on this evening to tell you all about something exciting that's happening over on our Instagram account (@walkandtalk4men). We're starting a new series of IG Lives which we're calling #BrainTraining.

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm, I'll be going live to talk to one of our fellow bros from the group and other special guests to talk about their involvement with the group, their mental health journey and what they do to stay mentally well.

I did the first one over the weekend with our Preston walk leader Bob Flood - thanks again Bob for doing it! - which is up there already to watch back, and I've got a whole list of other great guests coming up, but you'll be able to watch them back afterwards as well if you miss them. And keep your eyes peeled on our socials as well as you'll have the opportunity to send in questions to be asked on future #BrainTraining sessions.

Take care and stay safe and look forward to you joining us!

James, W&T4M Founder

X x