Meet our Walk Leaders!

Oct. 6, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hello all,

Just a quick blog tonight - we've got more coming over the next week including announcements of all our forthcoming walks, plus a special report either Thursday or Friday.

But we've been speaking amongst ourselves on our W&T4M WhatsApp group, and thought it was high time you got to know all of our walk leaders. Hopefully this'll help you put some names to faces when you next come to one of our walks.

From top left clockwise in the above picture we have...

- James Mace (founder of W&T4M, leads at Hylands Park / South Hanningfield Reservoir)
- Ashley Rojas (leads at Braintree / Halstead)
- Danny Horne (leads at Braintree / Wickham Bishops / Hylands Park)
- Costa Gravaris (leads at Brighton / South Coast)
- Alex MacGregor (leads at Great Notley Country Park / Hylands Park)
- Wesley and Brad Knowles (lead at Pitsea / Basildon / Little Baddow)
- Nigal Rutter (leads at Birmingham / West Midlands)

Also in our Walk Leaders not featured in the montage (but soon to be added) are:
- Jay Thomas (leads at Clacton / Harwich)
- Mike Bradley (leads at Brentwood)
- Bob Flood (Movember ambassador, leads at Bolton)

If you're interested in leading a walk near you don't forget to get in touch with us! Our e-mail address is