New Virtual Talk this Sunday!

Oct. 8, 2020, 5 p.m.

Evening all,

Just to let you know that our man Alex MacGregor is hosting a Virtual Talk this Sunday, 11th October at 11am in the Video Room over on our Facebook group, which you can join and access here:

As always, it'll be a chance for you, our bros, and any men who are struggling or need support with their mental well being to join us in an open, supportive environment to talk about anything that's on your mind, or even just to be a listening ear for someone can make all the difference.

This one will coincide with World Mental Health Day, so we'll be talking a bit about what this day means to us and what support we are continuing to offer at what is a difficult time for many at the moment.

Please share this with the fellas in your life - we hope to see you as many of you on there so we can keep the conversation going and change the talk around men's mental health to a positive one.