Our first walks of the year

Feb. 5, 2020, 8 p.m.

A belated happy new year to all our followers! We’ve now had our first three walks of the year and a fantastic turnout was had at each of them.

On 12th January, we did our first walk of the year in Halstead, starting at the Fire Station and going along the popular River Colne walk. This was hosted by Ash Rojas, one of our regulars who’s just recently started hosting his own walks. We even managed to avoid being rained on, so the weather gods were obviously smiling on us that day.

On 26th January, Alex MacGregor, our social media guru who's been with us since Day 1, hosted his third walk at Great Notley Country Park. This is a very special place for Walk&Talk4Men because it’s where we hosted our first walk just under a year ago. Our first birthday is coming up in April so we’re planning to do something special to mark the occasion – watch this space for more info.

And more recently, last weekend on 2nd February, we had our first ever walk in Great Dunmow, at the Recreation Ground. This was hosted by our newest bro to the Walk&Talk4Men family, Ed Cockett, and is definitely a route we’ll be looking to do again. As you can see everyone enjoyed the nachos and drinks in The Angel and Harp afterwards too!

A huge thanks as always to all our members who host walks – it’s because of them we’re able to keep the walks going. If you fancy hosting a walk of your own or want to suggest some new locations for us we’re always open to new suggestions. Drop us an e-mail today on walkandtalk4men@gmail.com or Tweet us @walkandtalk4men.