Virtual Talks: How we kept the conversation going

July 31, 2020, 4 p.m.

You may remember, back when lockdown started in March, that we took the talking online, with our 'Virtual Talks' events with our group of bros.

We are so pleased to say that the support on this was fantastic and everyone adapted well to this format. There was a couple of weeks of teething troubles whilst we experimented with different platforms (Zoom, good if a little limited, Houseparty a GDPR nightmare) before finally settling on the Rooms section of our Facebook group.

But such was the success of the Virtual Talks that this even progressed to a series of Games Nights that were hosted by one of our Clacton bros, Jay Thomas, across several Fridays in April and May.

These were great fun and much enjoyed (as well as creating a bit of friendly banter along the way!) and helped to take our minds off whatever worries or issues we were facing, even if just for a short time.

As the colder months return at the end of this year, it may even be something we start up again to keep the light spirit and also the talking and support going. But it showed that not even lockdown caused by a global pandemic can stop our community of bros coming together and supporting one another, and that's a pretty amazing thing to see.

So whether it's socially distanced in the open air, or from a video screen, we will never stop keeping the conversation going and changing to help men's mental health be addressed more positively and proactively.